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In addition to our work with attorneys and administrators, we have several clients who employ a number of Technical Advisers and Patent Agents.

Technical Advisers assist attorneys in all aspects of a firm's patent practice, including patent prosecution, litigation, transactions and other areas. The law firm provides training for its technical advisers. Technical advisers have at least a four year degree in a science, including (but not limited to), electrical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, biology, biotechnology, chemistry and physics. Technical advisers often have an advanced degree, but it is not a requirement. Often, technical advisers plan to go to law school or are about to start law school.

Patent Agents have the same educational background as technical advisers, but have taken and passed the Patent Bar, and are already admitted to the Patent Bar.

If you have an interest in a position as a Patent Agent or Technical Adviser, please submit your resume to





Marina Sirras & Associates LLC is a proud member of the American Bar Association, the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Legal Search Consultants, and the Directory of Executive Recruiters.

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