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Many successful law firm partners with substantial client followings become disenchanted with their situation and decide to explore new opportunities.

In an effort to fully leverage abilities and further develop already successful practices, reasons for considering other opportunities may include the need or desire for any - or several - of the following:

  • better support in related practice areas
  • higher-quality associates
  • overseas offices in key locations
  • a firm that is able to support larger, more complex matters
  • greater autonomy
  • opportunity for leadership
  • greater collegiality
  • better or more responsive firm management
  • appropriate credit for client origination
  • elimination of client conflicts that may significantly impede the growth of their practice
  • compensation structure that values more fairly their contributions to the firm.
Most partners who change firms desire a more ideal environment - an environment that facilitates a higher level of success by enabling them to maximize their abilities.

We recognize that the effective recruitment of partners, and the merger or acquisition of whole practice groups -- or even of partnerships -- requires special expertise. Whether your objective is to expand an existing office, balance the revenues of your current practice or enter a new markets at home or abroad, we can help.





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