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Marina Sirras & Associates LLC has successfully placed numerous attorneys in prestigious law firms and corporations worldwide. Our extensive relationships with decision-makers enable us to present multiple options for your consideration.

Our goal is to help you identify which position is the best for you. Many employers are interested in well-qualified attorneys with portable business and practice groups, as well as attorneys without portable business who possess unique skills and experience.

Marina Sirras & Associates LLC can assist you in all phases of your search, including preparing a resume and related job search materials; providing invaluable information about the culture, history, and policies of potential employers; offering interviewing advice and strategies; and assistance throughout the negotiation phase following an offer. Of course, strict confidentiality is maintained throughout the search process.

Attorneys in situations they find are neither personally nor professionally rewarding do have other options. Together, we can make your search efficient and successful.





Marina Sirras & Associates LLC is a proud member of the American Bar Association, the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Legal Search Consultants, and the Directory of Executive Recruiters.

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